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War Vocabulary

In language and literature we worked on war based vocabulary. We separated in groups and made a presentation were we decribed 10 pictures with vocabulary from different articles. Here is the presentation I did with Bauti Olaizola and Gonzalo Vazquez … Sigue leyendo

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Estamos leyendo el libro Rayuela en literatura y tenemos que buscar citas que describan la atmósfera parisina en el capitulo 4 del mismo. “una bohardilla iluminada en el fondo de una calle negra” “Así habían empezado a andar por un … Sigue leyendo

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History Presentation

Wehad to make sme preentatioons in hiistory to explain the industrial revolution, my group and I had to talk about the arts during this revolution, here is our presentation

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Ensayo de Lengua sobre la mujer en la Literatura

En la última clase de lengua empezamos a trabajar con la mujer en la literatura y Camila nos dijo que escribiéramos un ensayo sobre la mujer(el sexo debil) y las razones por las cuales es considerado el sexo debil. Este … Sigue leyendo

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History Timeline

This is an activity we had to do for our virtual period of history about the Reign of Terror. here is my Timeline ,

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Fakebook on Jean Sylvain Bailly

In history we had to work in pairs and make a fakebook about different characters of the French Revolution. I worked with Bauti and our characte was Jean Sylvain Bailly.

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Pupil Reflex

Today in biology we worked with the booklet in pairs, i workd with Joaco. this is the video that we found explaining the Pupil Reflex: This is our flow-char t:    

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The Nervous System

In our Biology class we started learning about the Nervous System. And in order to do this, our teacher, Male, asked us to take a look at these two sites: Bitesize Intel education And do some activities on her blog: … Sigue leyendo

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Excretion and Kidneys

For our Biology class, our teacher, Male, gave us a worksheet with some questions for us to answer to revise the topic of excretion and kidneys. 1) a) Define the terms excretion and egestion Excretion as removal from organisms of … Sigue leyendo

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What are the important places in your life?

In language class we worked with one short story that si called “Living Space” and after that we had to get in pairs and think of a place we shared. I chose Tomi Anania’s livingroom, and I work with Tomi … Sigue leyendo

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