What are the important places in your life?

In language class we worked with one short story that si called “Living Space” and after that we had to get in pairs and think of a place we shared. I chose Tomi Anania’s livingroom, and I work with Tomi Anania and Juani lutowicz.

This is what i wrote:

This livingroom is very important for us three because of tghe time we spent there in that reduced place, there we saw movies, we watched football matches and played videogames. This was very important for all of us because we are all fans of the national team. In that area we shouted goals, insults and a lot of other things. We laughed and sufferd but every time an important match took place we saw it there eating pizza and the special dessert that Tomas’s mom made for us. Although sometimes our team lost we got together and have fun, because after that we tried to compensatethat loss with the videogames and most of the times it worked.

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